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Colorado Laws

Beginning on July 1, 2013 Colorado residents will have to refrain from throwing electronic waste into their household trash. The “Electronic Recycling Jobs Act,” passed by the Colorado State Senate in March prohibits e-waste from entering Colorado landfills. This bill marks a change in recycling history in Colorado and forces residents to dispose of their electronic waste responsibly.


The list of electronic devices no longer accepted by traditional waste facilities encompasses all potentially harmful materials stored in electronics. Televisions sets, computers, monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, laptops, tablets, DVD players, VCRs, radios, and video games consoles are all banned from Colorado landfills. This has stunning implications for businesses, residents, schools, and government agencies in Colorado. The environmentally responsible choice for Coloradoans is to recycle their old electronics through a trusted e-waste recycler.


I.T. Refresh, a new business in Fort Collins, will accept all e-waste and recycle it in a responsible manner. I.T. Refresh is a division of Onsite Electronics Recycling that has operated in California for almost a decade. Onsite has been E-Steward and R-2 certified in California for two years and I.T. Refresh was recommended to receive the same certification. After I.T. Refresh completes its certification it will be the only e-waste recycler in Fort Collins to be E-Steward certified. The certification ensures the company does not utilize prison or child labor and does not export whole untested units to other countries. I.T. Refresh verifies all downstream vendors to ensure all materials are recycled properly. Coloradoans will have to either drop-off their electronic waste or have it picked up. I.T. Refresh offers pick-up services for residents and businesses to provide convenience while conforming to the new ban.


Sensitive personal information is vulnerable when discarding computers, laptops, hard drives, etc. In order to protect customer’s data I.T. Refresh provides them with hard drive wiping and destruction to protect personal information and prevent security breaches, as well as indemnifying clients for any data security losses.