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Hard Drive Destruction

Why do you need to destroy or wipe your hard drive?


1. Eliminates the risk of your company’s or your customer’s confidential information being stolen.

2.Destroying or wiping hard drives prevents security breaches.To meet regulatory requirements for electronic data destruction.

3. Provides long term peace of mind.



Our Process:


Two options available:


1. Physical destruction of your hard drives at your business location:


PD-4-2-Documentation of each hard drive by serial number.


-100% Guaranteed Destruction – you witness your hard drive being destroyed.


-Destroyed hard drive is recycled.


-Certificate of Destruction provided.


Check out the video of our hard drive destroyer at work to see how your hard drive is destroyed. This machine can be transported to your home or business so you can witness your hard drive and all the stored in it information being destroyed.


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2. Hard Drive Wiping


-3 pass wipe per Department of Defense Standards.


-3rd party hard drive erasure report for each drive.


-Hard drive can be reused.


-Certificate of Recycling provided.